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Anti-sensor Start 750g

October 02, 2019

Not available!


A two-component polyester putty designed to smooth out gross defects, bumps, dents and welds on metal parts of car bodies.

Product and additives:

Anti-sensor start putty, Hardener.

Surface preparation:



To be applied only on a cleaned metal surface.

Surface preparation:

Steel: Degreasing and dry grinding. P40-P80

Mixing ratio:

100 mass.  h putty 2 wt.  h of hardener

Shelf life after mixing:

2-3 minutes at 20 °С

Drying time:

To prevent cracks, boiling and reduce adhesion, the required drying time at 18-25 ° С is 30 minutes!  With further forced drying, increase the temperature gradually!

Shelf life 6 months.

Product for professional use.

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